Chapter 9

Even laughed the first day he saw Jeri walk into their shared suite at the breeder-certified dorm.

“Looks like we’re going to be roomies!” Even said.

Jeri glared at him, then turned, and walked into her own room.

“Whatever,” Even mumbled to himself and went back to reading his comic book.

Their rooms were separated in the middle by a bathroom, and a small hall that led to the front door. Their rooms didn’t have doors on them, so they could still see each other enter and leave the suite. That’s why, when Even couldn’t sleep later that night, he saw Robin sneak in the front door of their suite and creep over to Jeri’s room. After an hour, curiosity got the better of Even, and he slipped out of bed, and went to the shared bathroom. The 2 sidewalls of the bathroom, adjoining each bedroom, weren’t solid. At the top of each wall, there was a foot-wide by six-inch-tall opening every few feet. Even stood on the toilet and looked through one of the openings in the wall down into Jeri’s room.

Robin and Jeri lay in her bed, wrapped in each-other’s arms, sound asleep.

Ewe. Even thought.

Sometimes the pre-teens might sleep together in their dorms, and that was tolerated by the adults, but Robin was thirteen and Jeri was fifteen. Jeri was certified to start taking enzyme injections soon.

I wonder if they do anything besides sleeping together… Even thought, then felt guilty for thinking such a lascivious and disgusting thought.

It’s weird -they’re weird- but they’re just sleeping. Even thought, then got down off the toilet and stole back into his own bed.

Even knew it was borderline behavior, and that he should report it to Security, but he didn’t want to get them in trouble. If they ever got caught, he could claim that he didn’t know about it, and Security would buy that. Besides, he’d be leaving soon, and then he’d never see the weirdoes again.

Over the following week, Even heard Robin sneaking in almost every night.