Intermediates: A Cuckoo For Mankind

They co-evolved with us. They are unknown to mankind, and have our external physical appearance, with one difference: They phase from one gender to the other, as part of their reproductive cycle, seducing unwitting humans of both genders. Their continued survival as a species depends on taking their offspring from duped human mothers and in regarding mankind as a useful tool. They call themselves “Intermediates”.

Jeri is a young Intermediate born with a female appearance. Jeri makes a choice that will change the course of its life and set it on a collision course with Jeri’s shadow government. An organization known as a “Syndicate” in the Western World. The Syndicate regards the propagation of Jeri’s genes as more important than its existence.

Even is an Intermediate doing its best to survive in a system that it chooses to accept -within limits. It was born with a male appearance, but Even will first experience love, sex, and seduction as a female, and then later as a male. He’ll discover that the romantic strategies of the former gender don’t always work for the later.

(Cover art by Toeken)